We Weren’t Made To Fit In; We Were Made To Fit Together

Together in Christ there is room at the table

Let me tell you something, human person. 

You fit. 

But you don’t fit into some sort of scary Stepford mold - you are a nuanced human person.

You’re a living being made in the image of a living God.

You’re not a lego trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle or a round peg trying to squeeze into a square hole. 

You don’t have to sand yourself down, or suck it in, or conceal your wounds, or cover up to belong here. 

You weren’t made to fit in somewhere - you were made to fit together with someones. 

Pull up a chair and open your mouth and I’ll bet everything I have that we’ll find a source of connection, of togetherness.

Bring yourself, as you are. 

And if you’ve envisioned the table of Jesus Christ as a place for the put-together, for the ones wearing a certain type of clothes, having certain talents, being married, being parents, being ones who don’t make big mistakes, or ones who know the Bible - I want you to imagine Jesus flipping that table over.

The table where we gather has room for everyone. 

The table where we gather is one where you belong.


You don’t have to change your clothes, 

Or your mannerisms,

Or your language,

Or even your beliefs

To find a seat here. 

Sit down. Let me tell you about Jesus, who knows you and loves you and carved out a place for you at this table before you ever knew His name.

I’m scooting over for you right now because there is always room at His table.

I Can't Care About All Of The Things

I Can’t Feel The Feelings For All Of The Things, And I’m Not Meant To

I am an advocate of spending yourself on other people, of using your talents and resources to make God famous and add goodness to the world, of foregoing pleasures and comforts so others might have clean water or food or medicine or some other thing we take for granted.

Caring = Good

Using Your Resources/Time/Energy For Things You Care About = Even Better

Every time we take what we have and aim it where we care, the world gets better.


Neither of us can care about all of the things.  You can't care about all of my things AND all of your things AND all of your children's and spouse's things AND your Aunt Betty's things.

We will all lose our ever loving minds trying to care about all of the things and then no one will have the energy to care about ANY of the things.  And then no one takes what they have and aims it where they care, and the world doesn't get any better.


Care about your thing(s).  Spend yourself in your thing(s).  

If you're my friend, I hope you will support me in my things but that doesn't mean caring like I do.  It doesn't mean spending yourself in my thing - you have your thing, spend yourself there.  

Support me by listening or giving advice or sharing some of your resources every once in awhile (not because you care about my thing, but because you care about me).  


I'll do the same.

We'll take what we have and aim it where we care.  We'll cheer each other on.  And the world will get better.