When You Aim For Humility You Miss Every Time



Humility isn't self-degredation.  It isn't self-deprecating or self-effacing.  Humility isn't about self at all.

This concept keeps coming up for me. Do you hold back pieces of yourself because you don’t want to “appear prideful?”  

I do.

It isn’t humility. It isn’t humility to hide our strengths, to downplay our gifts, to pretend we are less than we are - it is pride. Maybe the most dangerous kind - the kind of pride which masquerades as humility.

If you are doing this, quit it. Knock it off. Bring all of yourself to the table because it isn’t yours anyway and God didn’t give it to you to hide, to keep to yourself.

Look up and look around. Who do you see? Who needs what you have? Think of them. 

Let’s have less “I don’t want to appear prideful” and more “what can I give away?”