Give You

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*Originally posted on Instagram in January, 2018*

Yesterday, The B (my seven year old) wanted to give money to a homeless lady while we were stopped at a light. 

He saw her crutches and the snow falling and wanted to give her something. When I said I had no cash, he rooted around in the back and came up with a couple coins. “We can give her these!” But I shot him down. It might just be insulting. She’d hop over in her crutches in the snow and we’d hand her 35cents? It wasn’t enough. And it was a lot of trouble to go through to get it to her. Blah blah blah. 

The light was green by the time I shut up long enough for the seven year old to say “but we can just tell her it’s all we have and that we wish we could give more.” So, we could tell her the truth. Interesting concept. And maybe the gesture alone was worth something. Maybe 35 cents added to what she had would have given her enough for a warm drink. 
We drove through the light giving nothing, but I apologized and talked about it with B and I’m still thinking about it today.

I’m thinking about us, who think what we have to give is not good enough. 
And I’m thinking of the people who miss out on so much because they need what we have.