BE YOU: Do Not Cower

The Whisper Of Your Accuser Will Say You Are Being Humble. But The Truth Is You Are Cowering

Do not.  Do not cower.  How can you?  The same spirit that rose Jesus from the grave lives in you, and you would hide yourself - hide your gifts - out of fear of an opinion?

An opinion has only the power you give it.  Give it none.  No power.  Rest and rely on the counsel of those trusted few and let the thoughts of others be what they are - fleeting, and without affect.

The whisper of your accuser will say you are being humble.  But the truth is you are cowering in fear.

The whisper of your accuser will say sharing means attention-seeking, sharing is prideful, sharing is vain.  The truth is, cowering is prideful, cowering is vain, cowering is carelessly disregarding the people who need what you refuse to share.

Share it. Detach from the outcome because it does not rest on you - you are not in the business of outcomes, you are in the business of coming out from your cowering crouch.  You are in the business of coming out from behind the false walls which gave you the illusion of protection.  You are in the business of full surrender, of fearlessness.  You are in the Kingdom business.  You are about the Father's work.

Do not cower.