God Is In The In-Between


God is in the in-between. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it. Maybe it feels like He’s left you. Like He took you on a wild ride and then put a boot in your back and left you on your butt, surrounded by dust, nothing left of Him but the distant sound of screeching tires. ⠀

It might seem like He is gone. ⠀

But He didn’t leave you. He didn’t abandon His promises to you. He didn’t abandon His plans for you. He is there in the in-between.⠀

He is there in between the swirling dust, in between the quiet of your indecision, in between the whispers to follow ten different roads, in between the roar of expectations. He is there.⠀

He did not retreat to a throne in the sky, where He’ll whistle and roll His eyes, apathetic, indifferent – He did not.⠀

He did not speak love and life and value over you only to leave you dirty and alone and used up – He did not.⠀

He did not form every part of your being and count the hairs on your head and suffer for you only to discard you like weeks-old pizza with three different colors of fuzz – He did not.⠀

He loves you. Even here, here in the in-between - where maybe it doesn’t feel like love and maybe it doesn’t feel like a good plan. Maybe it doesn’t feel like anyone knows or cares or could possibly understand what churns around in your heart, threatening explosion, but He does.⠀

He knows. He sees you. He gets it. He is here. He is here in the in-between. ⠀