Want To Save The World? Let It Shine.

You Don’t Shovel Darkness Out Of A Room. You Turn On A Light.

Earlier this week I heard a radio preacher say you can't shovel darkness out of a room - you have to turn on a light.  That's all he said on the matter, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

It's so obvious.  I don't shuffle like a zombie into the bathroom in the morning and try to beat the darkness into submission.  I don't plead with it to go away.  I don't scream at it when it won't comply.  I don't throw my pretty candles at it or drag my soapbox in to persuade it to depart.

I turn on the freaking light.

This world is dark.  God is light.

We see the darkness and the brokenness and the emptiness.  We see pain and hunger and despair and death and we want to FIGHT it. Beat it into submission.  We want to convince everyone to join together to eradicate the dark.

The world has more than enough resources to sustain its human population.  Yet a child just died of starvation.  And another one.  And another.  Every four seconds.  A real human child died because he was deprived of what my dumpster is full with.

Insert a million other problems - darkness problems - brokenness problems - relationship problems.

I want to fix them.  I want to get out my soapbox.  I want to find money to throw at them.  I want to shame everyone, myself included, into spending themselves for this cause or that cause.

And I am exhausted before I even get started.

Because I'm trying to fight the darkness with a shovel instead of just being a light.

How cool is it that God says we get to be a light?   The biggest problem this world has is darkness and we get to be a light - we're basically superheroes. Basically.

We stay plugged into the source and we light this place up.  That's it.  It might be exhausting sometimes but I won't be depleted. I'm connected to the source of everlasting light.

Maybe being a light means picking up a shovel sometimes, or standing on a soapbox, or spending myself - time, money, energy - but those things aren't the weapon any more than a battery-less flashlight is a weapon against darkness.

We hold the greatest weapon, and I'm gonna let it shine.