Devotions For Anxiety: The One Thing We Need

The one thing we need Luke 10:42

When Martha complained Mary wasn’t helping her and Jesus defended Mary’s choice, Jesus said these words which have become my go-to truth when I am feeling off or down or depressed or anxious.

He said we only need one thing. There is only one thing us humans need. It’s Jesus. So whether anxious thoughts are stemming from worry over a relationship or a job or a goal I haven’t accomplished yet - I can go back to this truth.

I only need one thing.

And I have it.

Sometimes I imagine losing everything else - I’ll imagine every relationship being destroyed, I’ll imagine none of my goals are ever met, I’ll imagine having nothing and no one but Jesus. I imagine this and I take a breath and I think about how even then I have the only thing I need.

And what is even better - better than knowing there is only one thing I need to be completely satisfied and fulfilled, better than that - is knowing it will not be taken away from me.

Jesus said it right there in His conversation with Martha and Paul wrote it later when he said that neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation can separate us from His love.

Not only do I have the one thing - the only thing I need - but it will not be taken away from me. Not today or tomorrow or ever.

One of the things I thought I would include in my book Capturing Thoughts was a collection of scripture reflections. There are so many scriptures I turn to in anxious moments and I wanted to share my thoughts on them individually- the things God has spoken to me through those bits of scripture, the reason each anchors me and calms me, the ways they move my perspective from myself and back onto my savior.

Instead, the book remained a collection of meditations, laments, and prayers and those reflections will be something I write over time and share here on my website.