Contentedly Single: Don't Be Afraid To Be Different

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When I am asked "How do you get to be so content in your singleness?" My first answer is always to suggest taking some time to be intentionally single, but my second answer is this - don't be afraid to be different.

Look around at this whole big world and try to imagine making your way in it without all of the cultural expectations. What if you didn't HAVE to mimic the typical American family? What if your main goal was to follow Jesus and raise happy kids? 

Don't be afraid to live a life that doesn't look like everyone else. 

don't be afraid to be different - being content in singleness

Don't be afraid to have little in common with other families. You can still be friends ;)

Don't feel like you've done something wrong when you have Cherrios for dinner on the floor while you watch TV. 

Don't feel like you're failing your kids if you don't have a single family dwelling, if you don't have pets, if you don't have a picket fence - if you don't have [the hundreds of unnecessary things so many of us think we HAVE to have.]

What is most important for you and your family? Being unscheduled? Spending lots of time with family? Travel? 

Answer that and prioritize it when you make decisions. With every decision, you might look more and more different from the people around you, but you will be setting yourself up to be more content. 

I don't know about you, but I choose content. Every time. 

This is a snapshot of my son's birthday. If we were trying to be like everyone else, I'd be bringing him cupcakes for his class at school today. Instead, we woke up on a boat in the middle of a two and a half week trip. A barista bought him this cinnamon roll and put a candle in it and lit it for him, which was the sweetest, and I just asked him if he is happy right now and he said "yes," which is as good as it gets really. 

Our life isn't perfect. The ways I choose to be different come with their own set of challenges. But, we're content.