Who Is The Expert On My Father

Photo: Negative Space on Pexels

Photo: Negative Space on Pexels

I live with my Father.

I eat every meal with Him and we pour over His words together. I walk with Him and I talk with Him about everything.

He wakes me up most mornings with a song. And most days I sing songs back to Him.

Who is the expert on my Father

He holds me and He loves me and I’m never alone.

One day my Father sent me on some of His business.

While I walked on the road I met a man who asked where I was going. I told Him about my Father’s business.

The man reared back and stopped short and puffed out his chest.

”The Father wouldn’t send you THERE,” he said. “The Father wouldn’t send you to do THAT.”

I shrugged and continued on my way, but the man followed.

He told me about all of the books he has read about my Father. And he told me of countless hours spent studying Him. He pulled papers out of his bag to show me how the great Universities decided he is an expert on my Father. He told me how I was wrong, how I was going the wrong way, how I was doing the wrong thing, how the Father would not be pleased.

I smiled at the man and thanked him for spending some of his time with me. I invited him to come over later, and told him I would introduce him to my Father.

And then I went about the Father’s business.