I’m Not A Whoopee Cushion: Thoughts On Contentment

Contentment in Christ Whoppee Cushion

I got some great news today. In the wake of it I was giddy - the little surprise had my smile wide, my head high, my step light.

And then I was reminded of something stressful - something that has weighed on me for months and is coming to a head this week.

As I shifted focus from the good news to the stressful event, I felt myself deflate. The positive air I was full with just seconds before leaked out, dropping my heart into my stomach and nearly convincing me I’d be more comfortable in a deep, dark hole somewhere.

I fell into an old trap - looking at my circumstances and letting them determine my feelings, instead of looking at my God and bringing contentment into the circumstance. (Philippians 4:11)

I was like a whoopee cushion - puffed up and inflated only until someone came along and sat on me.

But I’m not a whoopee cushion.

focusing on God not circumstances

No butt is big enough to deflate me when I am filled by Him rather than my circumstances. (Romans 8:39)

I’ve got my eyes back on Him and I’m reminding myself His grace is sufficient. (2 Corinthians 12:9) I can thank Him and enjoy the joy of the good surprise. I can thank Him and lean into His promise to work through all things for His glory as I remember the upcoming stressor. (Romans 8:28)

The good doesn’t artificially inflate me because I’m already full. The bad doesn’t deflate me because what’s in me isn’t thin air.

I am a child of The King, I am a citizen of The Kingdom, I’ve found the one thing I need and it will not be taken away. I am not a whoppee cushion.