My Country Is Not My God

soldier with child

I love my country, but this country is not my God. I think I live in one of the greatest nations on earth - simply because people, for the most part, are free to do as they'd like with their lives, worship their God as they'd like.

This place is a blessing, but places change. 

I look around at my fellow believers in this great place - this free place - and I see a fear response to change.

I see fear of losing security. Even though the only thing we need will never be taken from us.

I see clenching and grasping and attempts to control surroundings. Even though we cannot ultimately control a dang thing.

I see fear about culture. Even though the Gospel has consistently, for thousands of years now, thrived and prospered and spread like wildfire when surrounded by the most messed up cultures in history.

I see engagement and soap-boxing and defending and protecting and so much of it wreaks of fear.

Let us be engaged where God leads, fearlessly. Let us use our voices where God leads, fearlessly. Let us defend and protect those things God has lead us, personally, to defend and protect and let us do it fearlessly. 

We do not need to be afraid. We do not need to protect. This is not home. Our home is cemented in eternity and cannot be taken away by any force in the Universe other than the one who loves us and calls us His children. Of what, exactly, should we be afraid?