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I see you. You are done.

People hurting other people over nothing, over stuff or money or status - over meaningless junk. Too much suffering for you to ever make a dent in. You see it. You feel it.

And you can’t take it. You want out. You didn’t ask to be here and you want out of this place. I see you.

And I see you - the angry one. You want out too. Out of the cycle of rage. Everything here seems to go the opposite of how you think it should and you can’t contain the rage that follows.

After the rage, more goes wrong, and more rage follows. You want out. You want to be done. **
I see you and I’m asking you to stay.

Not because things are going to magically get better, but because you’re right.

This world is meaningless and full of vanity. Things don’t go the way they’re supposed to and people walk all over each other to obtain what amounts to dust - it really is maddening.

But here is not home. There is more. God set eternity in the hearts of men - do you feel it there? Can you feel how you were made for more than this madness?


If you want to spend all of yourself right now - spend it where it will echo in eternity. Spend it on someone else. Take what you have and ask yourself how you can use it to lift someone - to love them. **
This is not a waste, never a waste - stay.

“‘Meaningless, meaningless, says the teacher. Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.’” - Ecclesiastes 1:2