Pride: The Enemy Of Connection

Pride Enemy Of Connection Stevie Swift

I was watching The Amazing Race, a show with a tendency to highlight relational drama in editing, and something happened to pause me. I’ve been thinking about it for days now. 
The scene went like this:

In frustration, one partner was lashing out at the other with some pretty harsh words. The other partner snapped back with more harshness and, worse, indifference. 

But as he said the words, the camera caught something his partner could not see - he was wiping away a tear. 

He was hurt. 

The partner didn’t see the tear, only heard the words, and so only responded to the words. It was painful to watch. 
The moment highlighted for me why God hates pride so much. It unplugs us from each other, from Him - drives a wedge, disconnects.

We need connection. Every last one of us humans was created with the need to be connected with other people, to love them, to be loved.

Pride keeps us disconnected - it keeps us from saying “I was wrong.” “I’m not okay.” “I’m hurting.” “I need something.” “I need you.” Pride traps us in a cycle where self protectiveness keeps us from connection and lack of connection drives us to self protect even more. 

Feel free to pray this with me today: 
I hate it too, Lord. Shine a light on areas of pride in me - light them up and clean them out - I want nothing to do with that garbage.