Only The Stupid Hate Correction


The Hebrew word translated to “Stupid” in this proverb is “ba-ar.”

It means brutish, stupid, unreceptive.

“Brutish” is an old word without much context for me, so I looked it up.

“Unreasoning and animal like,” the definition said.

Those who hate to be corrected are “unreasoning and animal like.”

learning to love correction

I’m learning to love correction - to love the opportunity to be better, to love God better, to love people better.

It doesn’t mean every dang person in the arena gets my ear for their criticism. But it does mean having vocal people around me - people who love me, who I trust - who will tell me hard things, who will correct me.

It means soaking up the correction, taking it to God, learning from it, discerning whether it’s accurate, and moving forward with more knowledge regardless.

You can reject every correction, or you can take it all in while hating every word and let it break you, or you can accept it with one hand, gratefully, looking it over and taking it to the creator to see what you can learn from it.

I’m working toward the latter.