I Am His Exclusive Possession


John 10:3 in the NASB reads “. . . he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.”

The word translated into English as “His own” was translated into Arabic (in the version I am reading) as “خاصة.” (Khassa). In my dictionary, the first translation to English of Khassa is “exlusive possession.” 

The original greek word (idia) being translated here doesn’t necessarily convey the meaning of “exclusive possession,” but it doesn’t NOT convey it either. 

The word (idia) is also used to describe someone’s own family, home, or other possessions in other parts of scripture.

I like “exclusive possession.” I think it drives home the point, in my own heart, that I belong exclusively to Christ – always have – even when I rejected him, even on days where I reject His authority, I belong to Him and to no one else. I am exclusively His, from the beginning of time and through all eternity.