The Gospel Is Really Good News

God is real and He is bigger and more mysterious and more incomprehensible than we could possibly imagine.

He made us human people, each of us.  He lovingly gave us bodies and breath and life.  He made us good.  He made us to be with Him - to be the most fulfilled, the most satisfied, the most free, when we are with Him. 

But something broke. We can feel it.  In certain moments we know we were meant for, made for eternity.  We know there is something missing, there is something more, and our souls twist and writhe inside our bodies, longing to be reunited with the missing piece.

And God longs too.  Longs for every last soul in His creation to be with Him again. To be where they belong, to be free.

So God, before anything even broke, had a plan. A plan to restore, reconcile, redeem.  He set aside a people and through them He showed how different He is, how set apart, how powerful. And He showed how we - us humans in our broken state - could never begin to restore our souls on our own. 

We could not refrain from enough evil or do enough good to reconcile us to God, to fund our own redemption.

We would die.  And we would die separated from Him, from the source of life and love and light.

And then.

And then, Jesus. Son of Man, Son of God. Somehow, someway - His life and His death and His resurrection - they bridge the gap for us.

Somehow, His death takes the place of my death, I have life eternal in His resurrection. It is too big and too mysterious and too incomprehensible for me to understand fully, just like my God.

But my twisting, writhing soul found instant peace as I walked across the bridged gap. My questions about why and how and for what purpose do I exist were quieted as I was reconciled to my God.

I am more fulfilled and satisfied with each step I take with Him, as he redeems each broken part of me.

And I am free.