On Unclenching And Letting Go And Surrendering

Giving anything and everything to God. Who else is in?

I read this book years ago and it kind of wrecked me.  It suggested praying a prayer - a prayer offering ANYTHING to God.  Offering it all up to Him, whatever He wants to take, whatever He wants to use, anything.

And isn't this what life following Christ is supposed to look like anyway?  Jesus didn't go around telling everyone to go to church on Sundays, and talk to God sometimes when it suits you.   He didn't say 'make sure you give exactly ten percent' and 'only listen to Christian music.'  He said FOLLOW me.  He said to love Him more than anything, more than your children, more than your parents, more than your friends.

To the man who wanted to follow Him, the man who had just lost his father, the man who wanted to say goodbye - to bury his father - first, Jesus said 'let the dead bury their own.'  He said anyone who turns to look back is not fit for the Kingdom of Heaven.


Jesus basically said everything in this life - the STUFF I cling to - it's worthless.  My comfort?  Irrelevant. My need to control every little stinking thing? A distraction.  The Kingdom is so many times more important than this tiny little sliver of eternity we call our lives. 

After reading this book, (Anything, by Jennie Allen), I started to let go.  I started unclenching my fists to drop the crap I was holding and free my hands to accept whatever God has for me.

It is HARD, but I'm doing it - this abiding, this letting go, this unclenching.

I may not have it all on the table today, but if it takes the rest of my life I will pray and struggle through the prying open of my clenched fists until they are completely empty.  Until I have offered everything.

I know it will be worth it.

The world has yet to see what God will do with and for and through and in and by the man who is fully consecrated to Him. - Henry Varley (the words that inspired D.L. Moody to live surrendered)