Solo NOT Single

Solo. Not single. Not ready to mingle. Not lonely and looking. Not bitter and begging. Just Solo.

The word "single" as it describes a person has been hijacked.  I don't like it. I'm no longer "single."  If someone inquires of my marital status, which happens occasionally as I tarry about the evangelical church world with a child in tow and no husband in sight, please respond by saying "she's solo."

Our culture has associated singleness with loneliness, with bitterness, with unhappiness and malcontentedness, with being "ready to mingle." Hah!

I, sir, am none of these things.  

It is culturally appropriate to assign a new word to describe oneself when the previously used word has become inconvenient or uncomfortable (see "sanitation engineer"), and I, my friends will attest, am consistently striving toward culturally appropriate behavior.

"Single" will still be a politically correct and factual description of those unattached members of society who are in fact "ready to mingle."  I believe it only fair for them to carry this title as the negative associations with the word originate from this group.  We can't have them mussing up the word "solo."  


I declare it to be so by the powers of the internet.  I hope that's how this works.