LUCIFER: A Spoken Word By Stevie

This spoken word is one of many things I've written and thrown into a drawer.  I wrote it 15 years ago, but did not share it publicly until last year.  Why?  Because it's vulnerable and it's a piece of me and it's a picture of a difficult time in my life - like a window for other people to look in and see and judge and reject or whatever they want to do.

It is also the first thing God shone a light on, the first thing he pointed to saying "Hey you, I didn't  give that to you to hide, I gave it to you to share."  Some friends made this video for me (which should explain the high quality!) and I shared.  It felt good to let go of this thing, to relinquish it to God and His purposes, to release any hold on it, any right to be embarrassed or ashamed or afraid of rejection - it doesn't belong to me.  It belongs to Him and it belongs to us.

I hope it speaks to you.