Parenting My World Changer, And Why I Don't Have All The Answers

I would have been the jerk mom who looked down her nose at you for your inability to properly raise your kid - and by "properly" you know I mean the way I do it.

Except I gave birth to The B.

I would have had all the answers and all of the suggestions.  If you would just . . . He only needs . . . You should  . . . Well you cant . . .

Except I parent The B.

I would have raised my eyebrows at you in the store and maybe even gossiped about you later.

Except I shop with The B.

I would have said "Oh I get it.  I totally understand.  My kid can be hard too.  But when he . . . I just . . ."

Except I am charged with disciplining The B.

I don't know about your kid.  I don't know his quirks.  I don't know his particular issues.  I might offer suggestions - things I've heard, things I've tried, maybe even things we've had success with - BUT slap me hard in the face if I EVER sound like I think I could parent your kid better than you do.  

God gave your kid to you.  I can't see you once a week, or see one incident in a public place, and assume I know what you deal with 24/7 and how you should address it.  

I know this, because I am mom to The B.

I also know this - some of our kids' most challenging traits will become their biggest assets.  With the right heart, The B's persistence, his wit, his strong will, his quick mind, his ability to know what buttons to push on any given person, his boldness, his incessant inquisitiveness - these will be assets.

These traits will make him a world changer - something he's already planning to be.

The B wrote on his Beach Boys CD insert - not even mad.  By "Wee can thang the wrold" he of course meant "We can change the world."

The B wrote on his Beach Boys CD insert - not even mad.  By "Wee can thang the wrold" he of course meant "We can change the world."

I parent one of the most challenging kids I've ever met.  I know many are harder, and The B has days where he's a breeze and a joy.  But ours is not a smooth journey.  Some days I find my only hope in the idea I might at least influence him to be a benevolent dictator when he takes over the world.

But EVERY day I thank God for this particular kid.  

He has taught me I don't have all the answers.  And I'm starting to be okay with that.

Why My Kid is Late to School

We're nearly 100 days into Kindergarten and The B has been late nearly as often as he has been absent (which is a lot). I have plenty of talents, but getting somewhere at the same time, every day, five days per week is SOOOOOO hard for me.  If it's easy for you - congratulations - I'm happy for you, I am.  It is terribly difficult for me.  

I have a plan for avoiding these shenanigans next year (hallelujah!) For now though, I have compiled a short list of some of the reasons we have been late this year.  Enjoy.

  • His pants have slightly damp pockets because they didn't dry properly.  They are his only clean sweats.  Jeans are not an acceptable option. (This is also why he is wearing slightly damp pants.)


  • He hid one of his boots and pretended he couldn't find it.


  • A morning snuggle session ran a little long.


  • I turned the wrong way (twice).


  • He didn't like the snack I packed and removed it from his backpack. I put it back.  He took it out.  I put it back.  (This is also why he does not have a snack.)


  • He refused to wear boots despite the foot+ of snow on the ground.  Arguments ensued.
  • He couldn't find clean sweat pants. (This is also why he is wearing pajama pants.)


  • He doesn't want to go at all and it took me 10 minutes to find the right bribe and/or consequence to convince him it's in his best interest.


  • He saw what I packed him for lunch and requested all but one item be removed.  Arguments ensued.


  • His inner Cheetah (his words not mine) which was the bane of my existence last night, has turned into an inner Sloth (again, his words).


  • There were 10 minutes worth of interesting things to observe/touch/discuss between the house and the car.  


  • He had to poop.