Kindness isn't Weird

My resolution last year was to fail big 12 times.  I failed at the resolution, which I guess brings me up to a grand total of 5 fails, but I’m carrying it through to next year. (I am now accepting tips and tricks for failing as I try to hit that 12 mark this year.)  For 2017 though, I'm adding an extra resolution:  

****I am going to be weirdly kind this year****  

I am going to act on every impulse to do something kind, and ignore the squawking little voice telling me someone will think I’m weird. 


It might be awkward, or misunderstood, or badly timed, but it is not weird to be kind.

I will encourage others to be kind.

If you step outside of your comfortable bubble and risk embarrassment to do something kind, I am going to applaud you.

And if you make fun of someone when they do something kind, I’m going to make fun of you.


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I will give weirdly kind compliments.

A new acquaintance (who is now a great friend) once complimented my eye lids.  Yes, my eye LIDS. I still don’t know exactly what she is talking about , but d*mn it if I don’t feel 10x more confident about my eye lids.

I will give weirdly kind gifts.

I once spent 20+ hours on an art project for a friend.  He didn't ask for it, we weren't dating, and he wasn't paying me.  He just told me about something, which gave me an idea for a drawing, which led to hours upon hours of compulsively working on said drawing.

Because my obsessiveness had kicked in, the idea I might be doing something weird didn't occur to me until later, when practically every person who heard this story informed me I was being weird.

But guess what? If I get the urge to give you a random gift this year, you’re getting a random gift and I don’t care if you think it’s weird - you will take it, and you will pretend to like it, and you will say thank you. 

I will give weird words of encouragement.

A friend once mentioned how being a stay-at-home-mom was different from working a regular 'job' - there is less verbal praise and few noticeable accomplishments.  So I stopped by her house a few days later, knocked on the door, and told her she did a great job that day.  I could see she had put on pants and it appeared the children were all still alive, so clearly she had accomplished a lot that day.  It was a weird thing to do, but it was KIND, so 2017 will have more of this. Because in 2017 no act of kindness is too weird, too odd, too awkward, or too embarrassing.  Not in my house.  #kindness isn't weird

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