Watch Me Fail 2018

I am crazy excited for 2018.  I can't put my finger on why exactly, but there are loads of things on the list for this year and I can't wait to put a Bobby Wagner hit on every single one.  

This year, as I aim to fail, I plan to share (most of) my goals.  There will be some weird goals, some zombie apocalypse prep goals, some teach-my-kid-cool-things goals, and bunches of writing related goals.  

If you're wondering why I am trying to fail on purpose, I explained this last week you guys, gosh.

This week, HOW I plan to fail:

What I've learned about aiming for failure is not anything new in the field of goal setting, but like most things, I needed to learn the hard way. These are those things:

1. Set Measurable Goals

 I don't "fail" if I didn't set a measurable goal.  I can't say "I'd like to be in better shape" and then a week later say "Oops, still pretty round-ish, mark me down for one failure."  No.  A measurable goal has a timeline attached and can actually be measured when that timeline ends. 

Like, "I am going to run a MILE in under 8 MINUTES in JULY."

2. Have a Reasonable Plan

I don't "fail" if I didn't lay out a plan for reaching the goal and carry out the plan.  If it is July and I try to run a mile in under 8 minutes after half a year of lazing about, becoming more round, and doing zero training for the mile running, of course I'm not going to do it in under 8 minutes.

But this doesn't count as a "failure."  Failing, in my little #watchmefail world is about trying things and aiming high and missing - not wishful thinking.

3. Keep It Out Of My Hands

It's best, for me anyway, to have the measurable outcome I'm shooting for be just out of my hands.  This isn't always possible, but where it is, this is where my goal will lie.  One plan this year is to create 26 spoken word videos and publish on youtube.  The creation and publishing is entirely in my hands - I either make the time and do it, or I don't.  So my fail goal will be something to do with views on the channel, because it will push me out of my comfort zone - past just creating and into sharing (terrifying!) SUBSCRIBE TO TV SWIFT IF YOU LOVE ME OR LOVE SPOKEN WORDS OR LOVE OXYGEN

I've brainstormed a bunch of possibilities for my own fail goals this year, and I'll be focusing on 1-3 each month. If you are planning to set some this year, I'd love to hear about them and cheer you on.  Be my friend on Facebook or Instagram to see mine because I won't be posting much more about them here - this topic, while important, is mostly boring to me. Next week's essay will be GIF heavy and include an opportunity to win a kick-butt prize. I feel better already.

Happy New Year people.