Stop It. It's Not That Hard To Buy Gifts For Minimalists

Trying to buy a gift for a minimalist?  Something they won't throw out in the next few months?  I got you.  

3 Tips For Buying Gifts For Minimalists  

1. Understand Your Minimalist

I'm speaking for a diverse group here, but I think the following is true for most minimalists.  We see stuff as being costly.  Each item has a cost - it costs time/money/energy to keep.  Therefore, before allowing something to enter our life, it needs to add value, and in order to stay, it needs to keep adding value.  

Any time you give a gift, the item is eventually going to stop adding value whether the recipient is a minimalist or not.  The only difference - the minimalist will chuck it.  If you can deal with this without getting your feelings hurt, please proceed in your current gift giving ways.  If, however, you hate giving a gift which will be chucked, keep reading.  Like I said, I got you.

2.  You Can't Go Wrong With Consumables

An item which magically disappears as it's value decreases?  Genius.  

Still stumped?  Some ideas off the top of my brain:

  • Coffee 
  • Tea 
  • Wine or other spirits
  • Fancy chocolate
  • Other fancy food and drink items
  • Art or other hobby-related supplies
  • Gas cards or airline miles or hotel points for travelers
  • Books with the express command to pass it along when finished 
  • Candles or essential oils 

(Minimalists reading this:  add your ideas to the comments to help our friends!)

BONUS:  I feel pretty confident in saying a majority of minimalists also care about things like sustainability and fair trade.  Items which align with these values will be extra appreciated by approximately 80% of minimalists. You're welcome.

3. Creative, Experience-Based Gifts Are Just Tops

This expands the pool of potential gifts by a bajillion.  If it bothers you to give a gift in an envelope, wrap that baby in a box!  Or, pair it with something from #2 (fancy chocolate bar maybe? bottle of wine?)

I was going to give a list of ideas here, but the possibilities here are so stinking endless and depend on your individual minimalist.  It's a simple formula:

Ask, what type of experience does my minimalist enjoy? And, how can I turn that experience into a gift?  

Example:  What type of experience do they enjoy? Personally, I like to go on dates with myself.  It is hard to make this happen as I have to find someone to watch my small child, and also budget for dinner and a movie.  How can you turn that experience into a gift?  A gift card for a movie theatre and/or a nearby restaurant paired with an offer to entertain my small child.  Easy.  And awesome.  

(Minimalists:  Leave your examples for experience-based gifts in the comments!)


1.  Give a gift that adds value.  The minimalist will chuck the gift if/when the value runs out.  Be chill about this.  It's not a reflection on how they feel about you or the gift.

2.  Can't miss with a gift your minimalist will use up or a gift of experience.  This requires knowing what your minimalist will use/do though, so don't be a lazy bum face.