My Neighbors Are Getting Divorced (Bill and Judy)

My neighbor Judy announced her impending divorce on facebook last night. 

“Bill and I have decided to separate after 8 years of wonderful marriage. We love our children very much and though we will remain friends, we have decided together that separation is best. We appreciate your prayers and your respect for our privacy.”

A source close to the family (a friend of a friend who's in a bible study with Judy) says this has been coming for close to a year.  Apparently Bill was texting a lot with a female co-worker.  

I personally noticed Judy flirting with their neighbor to the east (recently divorced) as long ago as last June, so I wouldn't be so quick to jump on Bill's case.  Bill has probably been feeling emasculated since Judy's promotion a couple of years ago - she must make three times what he does now!  I am interested to see who gets the kids.  We'll see if they're still "good friends" after that battle.

I'll keep you posted.  In the meantime, please discuss the personal lives of strangers in the comments.  And if you're the type of person who says this is gossip or invading their privacy or blah blah blah, I have two things to say to you:

1.  They chose to live in my neighborhood.  The front of their house is a straight shot from the crack in my living room blinds where I keep an eye on the neighborhood.  They didn't have to move here, they chose to.  They also chose to be my friend on facebook where I would inevitably see their posts about their private life and potentially write blogs about it.  My readers want to know.

2.  I'm mostly just writing and sharing this so y'all can be in prayer for these guys.