When You're Right But No One Will Listen

A Helpful Guide For Myself

(Which I am GENEROUSLY offering to you at no cost whatsoever.  You're welcome.)

I'd agree with you but.jpg

Who doesn't love a great discussion with someone whose beliefs are basically the polar opposite of your own?  I know it's not just me ;)  But there are times on this journey through wonderful discussions with people of diverse thoughts where we encounter someone who is wrong. Perhaps they are basing their argument on the fact that the earth is flat, or the sun revolves around the earth, whatever it is - they're wrong.  It is in these situations I have stumbled and been unsure of how to proceed. So I created for myself this handy guide. 

1.  Find out where the contrary opinion originated.  Believe it or not, an opinion by definition does not need to come from fact.

Ask kind and straightforward questions to determine the source of the opinion.

2.  This step is I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T!  If your questions reveal the opinion as being based on emotion or feelings alone, RUN.  Change the subject or just respectfully wish the person a glorious and fantastic day.  You are David facing 10 Goliaths with no slingshot and the ONLY way you'll ever get your point across is with God's intervention.  Unless you're pretty sure He'd like you to keep talking, it's time to shut the heck up and head for the hills.  

3.  If the person is basing their opinion on faulty facts, helpfully lead them to actual facts.  This can be accomplished in a friendly and respectful manner.  Ask how you would like contrary information presented to you, and then proceed accordingly.

4.  Keep in mind, you are incapable of solving all ignorance in the world.  It's not your job and if it were, it would be a futile one.  In fact, you are the source of some ignorance yourself.  

Using myself as an example, I can open the hood of a car and tell you the purpose of exactly zero things inside.  I also (quite often I'm ashamed to say) need correction regarding which way is left and which is right.  

I don't know if these ignorances can ever be corrected - my brain seems currently incapable of processing and maintaining information as related to these areas of ignorance.  For certain people in certain situations, no amount of information or reason will allow them to share your perspective.  Figure out a way to love and respect them anyway.

5.  Try not to be a snarky jerk.  Snarky Jerk is a language in which I am fluent.  Lord help me tame my tongue.

Happy Sunday (or whatever day it is) to ALL.  I leave you with this: